Watch this golf robot get an epic hole-in-one

Yes, this robot is probably better at golf than you are.

LDRIC the Golf Robot, as he is known, got a hole-in-one yesterday at the opening round of the Phoenix Open. It’s also the exact same shot that Tiger Woods hit in 1997 before he was the golfing legend he is today.

LDRIC stands for ‘Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry’ and is a nod to Tiger Woods’ first name, which is Eldrick.

The robot was created by Golf Laboratories and is normally used to test different technology and gear in the industry.

In fact, Golf Laboratories put golfer Rory McIlroy to the test against one of its other robots recently as well.

LDRIC is designed to replicate golfers’ swings and all of their faults so club manufacturers can make the clubs to suit each type of player.

According to Golf Laboratories, LDRIC’s swing can go from 0.1 mph to 120 mph. For reference, Tiger Woods is said to average at 118 mph and Lee Westwood’s average is 116 mph.

Robot’s hole-in-one brings beer showers to TPC Scottsdale’s 16th hole [Golf Digest]

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