This guy swings his iPhone around on a string when skiing with incredible results

Nicholas Vuigner, a 25-year-old Swiss skier wanted to make a unique video with his phone and has spent the better part of two years figuring out how to do it.

He came up with a custom 3D-printed rig, called Centriphone, which basically amounts to him swinging the iPhone around on a bunch of string as he skis downhill — the resulting video is incredible.

The video was recorded at 240FPS on an iPhone 6, as Vuigner found a GoPro’s 120FPS was not fast enough.

Because the iPhone swings in a circle so quickly, it creates a hypnotic super slow-motion effect, like time is moving slower than it is — Vuigner even says he didn’t break a single device while doing all his testing.

He hasn’t provided any images of the mount yet, but Vuigner hopes to make it available as a 3D printing template for anyone to try in the future.

Would you swing your phone around on a string while skiing down a mountain to make a video like this?

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