Google adds 3D Touch trivia to its iOS app to help you pass time

Google adds 3D Touch trivia to its iOS app to help you pass time

Bored? Have an iPhone 6S? Want to be the best at bar trivia? Then you should check out the newest feature in Google’s iOS app.

The company yesterday added a new “I’m feeling curious” option to the 3D Touch menu of its primary app. So if you press down hard on the screen and tap on or drag to the new option, Google will pull out a random trivia question and answer.


If your noggin needs even more knowledge, just click on the “ask another question” button.

Google curious
This is from an Android phone, but it looks identical.

To be fair, this isn’t a totally new feature; you could access the same results by simply typing “I’m feeling curious” into the search results since September. But typing is much slower than simply tapping a button.

The questions seem to cover a wide variety of topics too – I just learned that one can, in fact, freeze shredded cheese – so hopefully you’ll be entertained for a few minutes.

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