What’s going on with Pikachu’s voice in this new detective game?

Continuing its year long 20th anniversary celebration of Pokémon, Nintendo has announced a new detective game in Japan starring the one and only Pikachu.

The idea was hinted at over two years ago but this is the first time the company has confirmed it and given us a look at the little yellow guy in action.

However, something’s not quite right. Pikachu’s voice makes him sound like a hardened detective. Since Pikachu can only say his own name in the cartoons, it’s a little jarring to hear his newfound deep, husky voice. Maybe he’s been smoking cigarettes in preparation for the new role.

In his Sherlock Holmes-style get-up, Pikachu sounds more like a character from ‘True Detective’ than a Pokémon.

The game will be available to download for the Nintendo 3DS from February 3. Sadly, Nintendo hasn’t made it clear whether it intends to make it available in English or anywhere else in the world.

Update, January 29:

Pokémon fans have launched a petition on Change.org urging Nintendo to get Danny DeVito to do the voice of Detective Pikachu in any English versions of the upcoming game.

So far, it’s got nearly 20,000 signatures and one enthusiastic fan has even gone ahead and created a video of what DeVito might look like as Detective Pikachu.


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