Finally go full Mega Man with this sweet helmet

Finally go full Mega Man with this sweet helmet

Over the summer, we told you about the sweet Mega Man helmet developed for fans by game developer Capcom. Well all your waiting and drooling has paid off, because the helmet is finally available.

Setting you back $159.99, the officially licensed helmet is built with ultra-shiny ABS plastic and includes working LEDs. The fully padded interior of the helmet is designed for comfort, and it includes hinges so it’s easier to shove onto your noggin. And although it looks heavy, it won’t actually help you in any kind of real life-or-death situation, so please don’t strap this on to do stunts.

That said, you will look cool, especially if you pair it with the $79.99 ‘Buster Gun,’ Mega Man’s trusty blaster arm. It may not be an officially licensed replica like the helmet, but if you can complete the look, why not?

Time to take on Dr. Wily in style.


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