Math tutors now have their own sexy hotline

Do you sit up late at night trying to figure out why V – E + F = 2? Well, now there’s someone you can call – or rather, a website you can visit.

Solvex4u is a Web service that allows math students and anyone else pondering a tough equation or statistics problem to ask a team of experts for help.

But instead of making this repository of mathematical knowledge just another dusty corner of the educational Web, the makers decided to create a filthy promo video.

In it a sultry narrator describes the service while sleepless mathematicians do inappropriate things to calculators and abacuses.


Unsurprisingly, users have been wondering whether the service is actually real or not.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.09.16

But the service insists it is genuinely helpful. It even allows users to ask their first question for free.

Share complex equations from your personal desires. Our mathematicians will help solve x, 4, u ;). Hell, we’ll even throw in the steps we took to arrive at the A+ solution and help you actually learn!


Who knew math could be this, err… NSFW.

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