Battlefield 4 has the most elaborate easter egg I’ve ever seen

First-person-shooter Battlefield 4 has a devilishly confounding easter egg hidden in its Dragon Valley map that required several hardcore gamers to put their heads together to crack it.

It starts with Belarusian Morse code signaled by a flickering lantern and is followed by a hunt for severa ltiny buttons scattered across the map (one of them is hidden in the trunk of a tree) and a complicated logic puzzle that you’ll need pen and paper to solve.

That’s not all: you’ll then have to explore a different map, capture an audio clip and track down a song in an animated YouTube series based on Battlefield 3.

There’s more yet, and the reward for your troubles is a special edition camouflage suit previously available only to Los Angeles-based employees of game developer DICE.

If that’s not enough, the final puzzle code is unique to each player, so you’ll have to complete some of the steps yourself if you want to score the prize.

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