Here it is: The official ‘Star Trek Beyond’ teaser trailer

The headlines might have been full of Star Wars for the last few weeks, but today Paramount Pictures has put out its official trailer for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie.

The release of the trailer could well be in response to a German-language version of the clip that was leaked earlier in the day.

As I’ve confessed previously, I’m not much of a Star Wars fan… and I’ve never really gotten into Star Trek either but I have more hope for this movie.

Incorrectly or not, it feels like I don’t have an entire world of back story to catch up on simply to be entertained for a couple of hours. It looks goofy enough to just jump right in.

If I had to pick a movie to watch that starts with ‘Star’ then I’m pretty sure it’d be this one. By the time it arrives on July 22 next summer, I might well have changed my mind if it’s continually drip-fed in the same way as Star Wars.

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