Watch this amazing documentary on the man that brought internet to the mountains in Nepal

In 2001, Nepali man Mahabir Pun wanted to bring internet to the remote mountain region of Annapurna.

He had built computers, by hand, in wooden boxes from parts scavenged together, but didn’t know how to get the community online. He decided to email the BBC World Service in 2001 asking for help — and it did.

Not only did the World Service communicate with him for months, it also published a story about him which eventually connected Pun to more people who could help.

Eventually Pun acquired a TV broadcast dish, as normal antennas were not available in Nepal, and worked to get the community connected via a series of dishes that bounce the internet throughout the mountains.

The short documentary about the story, which is embedded above, is an incredible look at Pun’s story, how he achieved the network and how it changed the community by bringing it into the future.

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