Humble Bundle brings epic DRM-Free NeoGeo arcade games for cheap

Humble Bundle brings epic DRM-Free NeoGeo arcade games for cheap

When I was four years old, my dad drove the minivan to my godfather’s house with me, my brother and my sister in tow. When he stopped the car, he turned around and faced the back seat.

“Girls,” he said, looking directly at my younger sister and me, “You have to be good today. Don’t touch anything.”

When my godfather opened the door and ushered my family into the living room, my eyes widened. My dad stopped us from moving forward. My younger sister held his pant leg.

“This,” My godfather Steve said. “This is the NeoGeo.”


Despite its high price tag and relatively minor role in the ’90s console wars, SNK’s iconic NeoGeo MVS arcade system and status-symbol AES home console brought many great gaming franchises to American audiences. In honor of the arcade cabinet’s 25th anniversary, Humble Bundle is offering a massive library of DRM-free NeoGeo games to be played via Windows, Mac, Linux, or the browser — totaling about $167.

Paying $10 will unlock multiple games in classic series like run-and-gun masterclass ‘Metal Slug,’ 2D fighters ‘Samurai Showdown’ and ‘Fatal Fury,’ and space shoot-em-up ‘Pulstar.’ Noticeably missing is Taito’s endlessly adorable puzzle game ‘Bubble Bobble,’ but perhaps it will make an appearance as the campaign continues.


All of the games are playable through the browser in a two-minute demo period, which is likely enough to make you begin crafting the custom arcade cabinet of your dreams. Just remember the Neo Geo requires four bright buttons and two joysticks.

The campaign also raises funds for the American Red Cross, as well as a second charity of the user’s choosing. Those interested in the sale will have two weeks before the campaign ends.

Humble Bundle

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