Another Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser hits the Web, but I wish they would stop now

I’ve already admitted that I’m hardly the world’s greatest Star Wars fan. The last one I saw was made in 1983.

You might have guessed from the slightly sarcastic headline of the last article that it doesn’t fill me with the sort of excitement that, say, the thought of a long, uninterrupted nap might, but I also have nothing particularly against the series either – each to their own.

However, any passing interest I might have in watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is quickly being diminished by the endless sea of ‘new’ trailers that are virtually all identical

You might well love all this minutiae, and if you do, you’ll probably love the clip above from the American Music Awards, in which *SPOILER ALERT* Rey and Finn run towards a quad jumper to escape the First Order.At least, that’s according to Polygon. I not really sure who Rey and Finn are just yet.

There’s a fine line to be struck between teasing a movie and keeping proper fans on the edge of their seats, without boring the pants off the rest of the world.

There’s no doubt this movie’s going to be a hit, so I really wish the drip-feed of nearly identical trailers would stop now.

Complaint dealt with, in all honesty, I’ll probably still end up watching it anyway once I’ve caught up with the previous movies.

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