Hilarious Fallout 4 glitch lets headless players roam the wasteland

Hilarious Fallout 4 glitch lets headless players roam the wasteland

In epic post-nuclear gun-slinging RPG Fallout 4, you need a lot of things in order to survive the wastelands of Boston. Certainly radiation-free food, plenty of guns, and lots of ways to heal yourself. But, it seems that your head is totally optional.

GamesRadar spotted a glitch from Youtuber postbroadcast that shows the main character missing a very important limb from his body. Apparently, after a run-in with a particularly nasty Deathclaw, a thorough round of healing could not help alleviate the many injury warnings on the screen. After some investigation, and a third-person view, he saw this:


Yep, that’s gotta hurt.

He seemed fully functional. Except, you know, the head thing.


While the injury reduced his ‘Perception’ ability to 0, meaning absolutely no accuracy in using the highly important V.A.T.S system in the game, there was a bright side: he couldn’t really target enemies, but enemies couldn’t target him, either.


That, and there’s no way to get a decent haircut in town.

It seems that the glitch was unfixable in-game, meaning that either postbroadcast could continue to live his headless ways or unfortunately have to restart his game from an earlier save.

The glitch looks really rare, but not out of the ordinary for ‘Fallout’ games — which are about as recognized for their insane bugs as they are for their compelling story and great gameplay.

YouTube [via GamesRadar]

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