Hoverboards are illegal in the UK? Someone should probably tell the police

Earlier this week , London’s police force tweeted a timely reminder that riding self-balancing scooters (also known as hoverboards) in public isn’t legal on sidewalks or roads.

However, and not that we’re encouraging you in any way, of course, it sort of doesn’t make a difference if something is illegal if that law is never enforced, which is why YouTube user ‘Carnage’ posted the video above showing how the police on London’s streets react to people riding hoverboards.

Most seem to show signs of curiosity and generally ignore the pranksters, but one is clearly more inquisitive than the rest and actually jumps on the hoverboard to test it out for herself.

Of course, there’a s chance it was all staged, but if not, let’s hope she doesn’t get in too much trouble for that, given that they’re illegal and all.

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