Livestreamer accidentally sets his room on fire, puts it out in the worst ways possible

A YouTube video emerged this weekend depicting a Japanese man smoking in his room and trying to light a match only to accidentally light the entire matchbox. What happens next will make you face palm a million times over.

At around the 4:50 mark, you can see the man setting the box of matches aflame, then throws the lit box into a bag of full of paper.


He then tosses the bag over to a corner of the room next to his wooden closet and tries putting the fire out by…

  • throwing a cardboard box on top of it
  • putting some posters(?) aside the fire
  • splashing the flame pile with just about what’s left of California’s water reserve
  • smothering and fanning the flame with a blanket
  • leaving the room with cardboard boxes scattered throughout

…all with the hurriedness of someone who doesn’t seem to realize there is a growing fire in his home.

In the lower left corner, flames are still lit by the computer monitor

Meanwhile, his livestream continues to roll with a cute and slightly creepy Japanese voice interrupting the scene. According to YouTube comments on the video, the sound is his computer reading his stream’s comments aloud. Since I don’t understand Japanese, I’m just going to pretend it’s GLaDOS sympathetically narrating the situation.

Fake video or not, please take note. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, do the opposite of everything this man did to put out a fire. We’ll stick the video next to the Web dictionary entry for SMFH.

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