Man builds working Game Boy guitar because why not

Guitars are pretty cool and all, but you’ve probably never though about using one as a Game Boy. That is, unless you’ve built yourself a Guitar Boy.

Fibbef, an enterprising admin on the BitFixGaming boards, decided to solve the problem of jamming to 8bit tunes and playing Pokemon on the same device, so he fashioned himself a working electric guitar and Game Boy all in one.


It basically looks like an oversized Gameboy with a guitar neck, and it’s surprisingly functional. The buttons on the device all work to control your games, and the A/B buttons even double as volume and tone dials.

The Game Boy emulator is powered by a Raspberry Pi and a 2,200 mAh battery, which outputs to a 5-inch screen under the neck.

You can also switch from outputting the Game Boy’s sound (he runs Super Mario Bros. through an amp and pedal in the video, and it sounds awesome) to the feed from the pickup. That said, it’s a shame it doesn’t seem you can playback both at the same time for some remixing on the fly.


Still, it’s a pretty awesome creation. Be sure to head on over to the full build log for more on how it was made.

Fibbeth [BitFixGaming via Gizmodo via Hackaday]

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