Cat Street View is a furry, feline way to explore Japan

Cat Street View is a furry, feline way to explore Japan

It’s no surprise to anyone to hear that Japan has a bit of a cat obsession. How much of a cat obsession? Enough to create a ‘Cat Street View’ map to try and improve tourism.

Clearly tired of the birds-eye view favored by most map makers, probably not least because birds are the natural enemy of cats, Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture tourism board has made a feline-view of the streets.

Cat Street View_start

Clicking your way around the map will take you through various buildings and outdoor spaces in Onomichi, all while introducing you to local kitties along the way.

Cat Street View_Cat

Each of them gets a pop-up bubble with, presumably, more information about the cats, but I don’t read Japanese.

Cat Street View_Profile

You also get a few quiet background sounds of shoppers milling around, the occasional YouTube video of cats roaming the city and the odd miaow to keep you company.

Cat Street View_YT

If you want to jump around specific points of interest (cats, mostly, unsurprisingly), you can do that using the mini map in the lower left corner of the screen.

Why are you still here?

➤ Cat Street View [Via Recode]

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