Live inside the LEGO house of your dreams with EverBlock

Live inside the LEGO house of your dreams with EverBlock

LEGO bricks are a flippin’ awesome piece of equipment. Whether you’re 8 or 80 years old (and beyond), there’s something really magical about turning a pile of raw materials into something sophisticated.

But LEGO bricks are small. While they can be used to build mighty displays, they’re a bit tedious to work with if you want to build a piece of furniture or massive wall.

That’s what makes EverBlock so dang cool. A modular block system with pieces as wide as a foot, Everblocks can quickly make life-sized, practical furniture solutions with some clever stacking. And they put your LEGO logic (and creativity) on display.

With an interlocking, modular system, EverBlock offers three different shape types — the full, half and quarter block — as well as coordinating endcaps to ensure a smooth surface to rest items on.

Source: Everblock
Source: Everblock

The plastic bricks come in 12 standard colors, including clear, as well a “premium” colors gold and silver. The full-size bricks also include two cable channels, allowing you to hide cables or thread the blocks with LEDs. Water and chemical-resistant, the blocks also accommodate reinforcement rods for more complex and load-bearing projects.

Everblocks start at $3.95 per block (for the quarter size). The company also provides a combo pack of 26 single-color blocks for $150. If the prices seem too steep, there’s a rental program available on request.

So if you want to turn your whole house into a LEGO fantasy world, now is your chance.


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