Make your ultimate chiptune jam with this neat Web app

Make your ultimate chiptune jam with this neat Web app

The twinkly notes of 8-bit music, also known as ‘chiptune,’ are a definite nostalgia-stirrer. Whether you remember the cheery tunes of the first ‘Super Mario Bros.’ or the looping melody of the Namco arcade classic “Rally-X,” chiptune brings all of the feelings of old-school gaming in a way other electronic music can’t match.

Now, you can make your own chiptune beat simply and easily with PulseBoy, a Web-based application (also available for PC download) under the Creative Commons License that is geared towards 8-bit music newbies. Developed by musician and developer Roger Hicks, PulseBoy’s simple interface will help lessen the learning curve that comes with fiddling around with electronic music.

Check out the beginner’s tutorial here:

So, whether you try to painstakingly recreate a piece of music from the past or make your own original song, it will sound like it comes straight out of a Nintendo.

PulseBoy [Web/PC]

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