Explore YouTube’s zero views graveyard with this iOS app

Explore YouTube’s zero views graveyard with this iOS app

With over 300 hours of footage uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is impossible for any individual to consume all of the weird and wonderful content on the site.

But now, Zero Views for iOS is letting people explore the unseen videos lurking behind all the cute cat clips

Of course, this isn’t an entirely new concept, there are similar websites and apps out there but what I like about Zero Views is the endless stream. It kind of feels like Tinder… If Tinder was filled with badly-lit home movies shot on phones

From tandem sack races in China to synchronised flip-cup dances, it’s a strange place.

To give you a taste of what you could be letting yourself in for, here’s what mine kicked off with.

What I can only assume is a rubik’s cube competition…

Followed by a woman who is very serious about “sin taxes”…


And this guy… I don’t know either.

There were also countless videos of kids being hilariously stubborn and puppies frolicking, but what’s interesting to note is that while some of these videos could very well have gone viral, they haven’t even been named (never mind tagged), so they really never stood a chance.

➤ Zero Views [iOS]

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