You can now play Half-Life on an Android Wear smartwatch, but don’t bother

Often in tech, things happen because they’re possible, not because they’re particularly useful or good.

Dave Bennet’s efforts to get Half-Life running on an Android Wear smartwatch definitely fall into this category – it’s to be applauded (somewhat), but the end-result probably isn’t worth replicating, unless you like playing the game using teeny-weeny touch controls, rather than a keyboard and mouse on your PC, or controller on a console.

If you do want to have a crack at getting it running on your own Wear smartwatch, you’ll need an original copy of the game, as well as a couple of other tools.

Frankly, I think watching the video above looks about as fun as trying to play it on a watch, so maybe just save yourself the hassle, eh.

Still, it’s good someone ported the classic game to a smartwatch, if only that it doesn’t need to happen again.

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