Watch: A stranded drone rescued by its replacement using coat hangers and ingenuity

Drones, man. It’s all drones. One day, the drones will enslave us. But in the meantime, let’s gorge ourselves on delicious meme goodness. Today’s enticing morsel: A guy saving a previously lost drone with its replacement.

The story as told by the YouTube user Harrisen Howes is this:

Two Months ago my roommate drunkenly lost my small drone on a neighbors roof. Two months later after upgrading to a larger drone I attempted a rescue of the smaller drone using hooks I made from coat hangers. Here is the result.

The usual caveats apply. I can’t prove this clip wasn’t purely set up to get viral fame, but, even if it was it’s low stakes enough for that not to matter that much. Enjoy the sight of previously dead drone being saved.

It would even be a little moving if our ultimate future wasn’t one where AI-controlled drones make us their fleshy puppets. Sleep well, readers.

Drone Rescue [YouTube via /r/videos]

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