Would you try a spray-on condom or a remote controlled bra?

Would you try a spray-on condom or a remote controlled bra?

The spray-on condom is, unsurprisingly, not a new idea. Researchers have been attempting to create a form fitting alternative to the current ‘rubber jonny‘ for years, with limited success.

Now, a concept version from a New York design student is raising smiles at least. Michele Chu’s ‘Girlplay’ branding exercise envisions spray on condoms for men and women.

Back in 2006, German scientist Jan Vinzenz Krause showed off a prototype that used a metal tube to spray liquid latex, but the drying time made the idea a total non-starter.

Chinese company, Blue Cross Bio-Medical, sells foam condoms for women that are applied from a can. They’ve so far proved to be a similarly niche proposition.

The question is: Would you be use a spray on condom if it were to be approved by regulators and proven to be effective in doing the job? I suspect bringing an aerosol can into the bedroom would be a lot more awkward.

And if the idea of a spray-on condom doesn’t appeal to you, what about a smart bra that can be unfastened with a remote control? It’s another of Chu’s ideas and at least offers a solution to clumsy men who deal with conventional clasps like drunken octopuses.

girlplay (15)
Can’t handle a bra clasp? Undo it remotely.

Girlplay – Spray-On Condoms (Student Project) [Packaging of the World via PSFK]

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Image credits: Michelle Chu

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