Official Star Wars Android and iOS app lets you take a selfie with Princess Leia

Official Star Wars Android and iOS app lets you take a selfie with Princess Leia

Star Wars isn’t exactly lacking in mobile content and games, but the Disney is today finally releasing an official Star Wars app on Android and iOS where you can read all the breaking news on the blockbuster franchise, history and trivia facts, as well as enjoy a mix of goofy features sure to make fans happy.

The main purpose of the app is to keep fans updated on what’s going on with the series as it continues its media push for the upcoming ‘The Force Awakens‘ and other upcoming titles. Fans can sign up to receive notifications on big announcements, read updates with a news ticker, or view exclusive interviews and other details.

On the more playful side, you can take selfies featuring famous characters from the series, and the app will even dress you up in appropriate garb as well.  There’s also a lightsaber training mode, a soundboard for sound effects and a collection of animated GIFs to play around with. You can even theme the app with Light Side, Dark Side and Droid looks to suit your allegiances.

Basically, it’s your mobile hub for all things Star Wars. Disney says the app will continue to grow and evolve over time, but head on over to the App Store or Play Store if you want to give it a shot right now.

Star Wars via Product Hunt

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