Giant American and Japanese battle robots are going to fight…for real

Remember Pacific Rim? Giant battle droids kicking the hell out of monsters? Well, that’s (almost) becoming a reality: Giant bots built in Japan and America are set to go head-to-head in combat.

Last week, the maker of Megabot Mark II, Megabots Inc, challenged its Japanese rival, Suidobashi Heavy Industry and its Kuratas battle bot, to a duel.

Today, Suidobashi accepted the challenge, on the condition that the fight contains melee combat. Shit just got real.

The best bit is the shade that the Japanese team is throwing at the Americans:


The only downside is that it looks like we’ll have to wait a year until the metallic monsters start bashing each other into tiny fragments. In the meantime, enjoy the quaint UK version of Robot Wars:

➤ Suidobashi Industries [via Engadget]

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