Lenovo’s new shoes might just be smarter than you

Lenovo’s new shoes might just be smarter than you

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.

And if that wasn’t true before, it is certainly now after Lenovo unveiled a pair of ‘smart shoes’ at its premiere Tech World conference in Beijing yesterday.

Not only do the shoes display your mood on a screen, reports VentureBeat, but they can also show fitness data such as how many calories you’ve consumed.

Which might spell the end to little white lies in response to questions such as: “Are you in a bad mood?” or “Did you eat the last doughnut?”

If you’re geographically challenged, the smart shoes can even provide maps and directions to places.

However, it’s not at this stage clear whether they will actually make you run any faster.

Image credit: Lenovo

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