This Kinect-powered pom pom mirror makes you fluffy in real-time

Pom Pom Mirror

Feeling rough? Had a particularly late night? Dare not to look in the mirror out of fear as to what might be staring back at you?

If any of that sounds vaguely familiar, then you’ll want to check out the Pom Pom Mirror.

Created by New York artist Daniel Rozin, the unique Pom Pom Mirror will do away with that ‘rough around the edges’ feeling, making anybody who gazes into the mirror more softer to the eye – quite literally.

The ‘mirror’ is actually a device made up of faux fur pom poms, motors and motion sensors.

Those who step in front of the device will be tracked via the hooked up Kinect sensor, the data received will then be translated in real time, flipping a series of motors to change the color pom pom on display. The result is a soft, fluffy reflection.

[vimeo 128375543 w=600 h=337]

Rozin’s interactive installation is made up of 928 pom poms, which are turned by a collection of 464 motors. You can see the Pom Pom mirror, and your fluffy reflection, in action at the ‘Descent With Modification’ artworks exhibition in New York.

An Interactive ‘Fur’ Mirror by Daniel Rozin [Colossal]

Image credit: Bitforms

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