#TurtleTuesday on Instagram is your new weekly cute fix

#TurtleTuesday on Instagram is your new weekly cute fix

Tuesdays can be rather “meh.” Not quite hump day, and still so far from the weekend.

Luckily we came across @turtletuesday on Instagram and the start of our week suddenly got a whole lot brighter.


Graphic designer and photographer Kyle Huber creates these tiny turtle portraits every week under the hashtag #turtletuesday.

Each installation is uploaded in a ‘panoseries’ format – three individual images that form a complete picture when viewed together.


“I got my first baby turtle when I was 12 years old and have been obsessed with them ever since,” Huber told the Instagram blog.

“Coming up with a new and original turtle photo each week can be challenging, so occasionally I have to bring a couple with me on my adventures so I can photograph them in new places.”

Huber’s seven red-eared sliders –Shelly, Myrtle, Franklin, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo – are now the most famous turtles on Instagram, with more than 7,300 followers on the @turtletuesday account.


Huber, who hails from Los Angeles, has been running his #turtletuesday series for the last three years.

And if you like his #Instaturtle photos as much as we do, they’re also available to buy as a book.


Image credit: Instagram.com/turtletuesday

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