This working hoverboard has set a world record

The promises of a particular 80s movie may not be a reality just yet — and time is running out, but the day when we can use a hoverboard as a viable mode of transportation, just like Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II, is slowly edging closer to reality.

That reality was inched forward thanks to the efforts of Canadian software engineer Catalin Alexandry Duru.

Duru broke the Guinness World Record for farthest flight by hoverboard, setting the new distance at 275 meters — some five times greater than the previous record.

Filmed at Lake Ouareau, Quebec in August of last year, the footage has now surfaced online following verification from Guinness World Records.

The impressive flight is the cumulation of Duru and his business partners (Philippe Maalouf) efforts over the past five years.

Working on propeller-based prototypes, the duo put their record breaking success down to new high-powered motors.

The duo are now hoping to create a new prototype of the their hoverboard machine, with plans to sell them in the new future. The product, which is controlled only via the movement of the pilots feet, will fly about 1.5 meters above ground.

Time to start looking for a matching pair of Nike Air Mags?

Montrealer sets world record for farthest flight by hoverboard [CBC News]

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