Easiest way to find out someone’s password? Just ask them

Easiest way to find out someone’s password? Just ask them

In the wake of last month’s Sony hacks, Jimmy Kimmel, experimental social scientist and talk show host, took to the streets of Hollywood to address cyber-security with today’s internet users. He does so by asking random strangers their passwords, and awaits as each interviewee reveal their secret sauce without hesitation.

While some of those interviewed may not have spelled out their passwords directly, you could easily put the clues together with Kimmel producers’ followup questions. Seriously, internet, if your password is “password” or a combination of your birthday and pet’s name, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

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Or not agree to appear on national television. Or, you know, have common sense. The number one rule of passwords should be the same as Fight Club: Just don’t talk about it!

Watch the painful but hilarious clip below.

➤ Jimmy Kimmel [YouTube]

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