Update: Uber seems to have blocked a hack that let you check your user rating

Update: Uber seems to have blocked a hack that let you check your user rating

Uber regulars know that the service’s rating system isn’t just reserved to passenger opinions on drivers — that’s right, drivers themselves give you a rating out of five every time they take you on a trip. That passenger rating is kept between drivers… until now.

Update: It looks like the fun is over as Uber is now masking passenger ratings. If you didn’t check yet then your chance has passed.

Medium post from Aaron Landy shows you how to get your rating in four easy steps. (The hack uses a Javascript code — which comes with some risk, as ever.)

1. Go to https://m.uber.com and log in.

2. When page below loads, open console (CMD + option + j on Chrome).

3. Paste Javascript code into your console.

if(window.Uber.pingData === false) { location.reload(); } else { alert("Name : " + window.Uber.pingData.client.firstName + " " + window.Uber.pingData.client.lastName + "\nEmail : "+ window.Uber.pingData.client.email + "\nPassenger rating is : "+ window.Uber.pingData.client.rating); }

4. The first time you paste code, your browser will reload. Keep the console open and once the page loads again, paste code again. If you are successful, popup below will appear.

When you’re done, the score you receive is graded out of five — I’ve only taken half a dozen Ubers but appear to be doing something right with Bangkok’s drivers.

Screenshot 2014-07-28 08.41.03

Let’s see if Uber moves to patch this up in order to prevent users from finding their rating. Or perhaps not…

➤ How to find your Uber passenger rating. [Medium]

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