#WorldCup warm-up: Here are 5 creative ads to get you in the mood

#WorldCup warm-up: Here are 5 creative ads to get you in the mood

In December TNW’s third Latin America Conference will take place in Sao Paulo. We’re limiting access this year to 500 marketers, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss the latest in digital marketing (over 900 people already signed up for a 2-for-1 voucher).

Industry leaders will reveal the secrets of growing and scaling your digital company. If you think of Brazil, the first association you probably have is the upcoming World Cup. The biggest sports event in the world is around the corner. For marketers these events are a great opportunity to fuel your brand and the world’s biggest brands are jumping on the World Cup marketing bandwagon.

It’s not your usual TNW post, but I selected five commercials that will instantly get you in the mood for the games to come. And for the marketers amongst us it’s inspiration for your next campaign.

Nike has gone all in (or was that Adidas’ slogan…?) with this ‘The Last Game’ mini movie. A must watch if you ask me.

McDonald’s seems it can’t get enough of trick shots, this has nothing to do with food, or McDonalds, but hey… who cares.

Nada es impossible. The miners who survived 33 days in the Chilean mines three years ago make a statement to the Chilean soccer selection. They might be in the ‘group of death’ (with Spain and the Netherlands), but nothing is impossible as “we’ve beaten death before”. You don’t have to speak Spanish to see that this is a great commercial by the Bank of Chile.

The current world champion, Spain, sent their most famous players in disguise to the real life, as normal people with normal jobs for the Movistar commercial. Iniesta and his boys say: “We’re making an effort, just like everybody else.”

Ok, we’ve seen Chile in the group of death and the Spanish going undercover, so let’s see what the Dutch (my country) have come up with… Well, besides the fantastic “Cheering suits” from the one and only Roy Donders (okay, I had never heard of the guy either), and the new big World Cup hit by Zanger Rinus, we have a beer commercial! Lucky us. Bavaria compares Brazil with Holland in a rather funny way and introduces the Holandress.

Bavaria had a huge ambush marketing success during the previous WorldCup with its orange clothing.

New to this World Cup advertising game is soon-to-be Apple-owned Beats. This music video features Neymar and other soccer stars and what happens before a game. Spoiler alert… they listen to music using Beats headphones.


All in all, the bar for the commercials has been raised. Four years ago, some punk like me with a camera was able to become the largest Youtube channel in the Netherlands and numberr 44 in the world with not-too-clever content. Singalong Mexico was an instant viral hit that had over a 100,000 views in the first hour before it was banned from YouTube. Especially for you I uploaded it again.

Have you seen any great campaigns, let us know in the comments.

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