A $1.7m, 370-inch TV. And only 4 of these will be made.

A $1.7m, 370-inch TV. And only 4 of these will be made.

As TVs get bigger, so do the price-tags. But now, a UK manufacturer is taking screen-sizes and the associated price-tags to astronomical new levels, with what it’s calling the “world’s first £1m ($1.7m) television”.

While that ‘world’s first’ claim may not be strictly true in itself, it’s certainly true that British TV maker Titan has a colossal (both in size and price) set on its hand. The 370-inch monster is roughly the size of a football goal, and it’s perhaps more apt describing this thing in meters – it’s 8m x 5m, for the record.


The TV sports 65 billion colors and weighs almost a tonne. And the cost actually excludes installation and delivery, which happens via a custom-built Hummer.

However, even if you do have £1 million lying around (plus installation and delivery), you only have a small window of opportunity to procure one of Titan’s ‘Zeus’ range of TVs. Of the four that are being made, two have been sold – one to a “British media millionaire”, while the other will sit on top of a hotel in Cannes, France. The two remaining will be made-to-order once they’ve confirmed your genuine interest – this conversation starts when you email them on: [email protected]

That all said, given these are being made to order, they could decide to build more if there is sufficient demand. But at £1 million a pop, well, how many more remains to be seen.

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