This website puts your money on the line to help you achieve your goals

This website puts your money on the line to help you achieve your goals The name pretty much says it all: this website is aimed at those who have a burning desire to do something in their life but not the motivation to actually get it done.

The site was started by the founder of YouTube channel Panda Mix Show, as part of his bid to launch 12 new startups in 12 months. Rather than simply pledging to meet your goal, asks users to put down a deadline, some money and a person who they will pay if they do not carry out their goal within the time provided. who acts as your referee. (If you don’t make the deadline, collects the money, but the site is considering building a charity payout.)


We checked in about the security of payment information and were told that the website doesn’t store payment details — that’s done by Stripe. Payment details are removed from Stripe after the deadline, and users are only charged if they fail to meet their self-set goal.

The site has been open for a week and already over $10,000 of pledges have been made.

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