Get slick stats on how you use the Web with this browser plugin

Get slick stats on how you use the Web with this browser plugin

Most people spend a fair amount of their lives online nowadays. But exactly how much of the Web do you browse  in, say, a week? I’d have no real idea, if I had to guess.

Thankfully, I don’t have to guess and nor do you. Instead, you can just point your browser at and install Nackademin‘s ‘Internet Selfie’ plugin for Chrome and Firefox.

Once installed, you’ll need to visit the Surfkoll page again and start analyzing your internet history – it only takes the last seven days into account though, and this time period isn’t adjustable.


First, it will show you how many Web pages you’ve browsed and where your activity sits on a scale of ‘Low’ to ‘Extreme’.


Keep scrolling and you’ll see the most visited three sites and the number of times you have visited them.


And on the penultimate screen, you get to see your most active day online out of the last seven. From the image above, Tuesday seemed to be my busiest day online.


The final screen brings all the stats together and gives you the option to share them, or download them. Obviously, if you use more than one computer, or do a significant amount of your browsing on your phone or tablet, these stats aren’t going to be reflected, but it’s a fun little project for at-a-glance information about your Web use. If you’re in need of more detailed Web usage stats, there are services like Rescue Time to check out.

It was originally designed by ad agency Rodolfo to garner some publicity for studying IT at Nackademin college – but it gained popularity with Swedish users and developed into a standalone service, so the creators thought it might be a good idea to make an English version too.

Now, your turn. What does your ‘Internet Selfie’ look like? Let us know on our Facebook page if you’re even more hooked than us.


Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock

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