ASCIIcam: The geekiest selfie tool ever?

ASCIIcam: The geekiest selfie tool ever?

This selfie thing is getting all too common, why not take a different approach? ASCIIcam is a fun site that takes your photo using characters from the ASCII coding scheme.

First spotted by PSFK, ASCIIcam’s settings allow you to tweak the image to make it ‘brighter’ or ‘dimmer’, but this is for desktop devices only.

Here’s one (of many) images that I made earlier — can you guess what I’m doing here?


Sometimes the images can very clear — like this one of TNW’s social media director Matt Navarra:


We noticed a few similar sites, in case you want to shop around for ASCII-inspired images — you can try Escobar5’s Github effort or the rather trippy cam from There are also Android apps too.

➤ ASCIIcam | Via PSFK

Thumbnail image via Win McNamee/AFP/Getty Images

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