The best tech April Fools’ Day jokes of 2014

The best tech April Fools’ Day jokes of 2014

April Fools’ Day jokes are by and large disappointing — Google aside — but there is some hope outside of Mountain View.

Here’s what companies other than Google did that was actually interesting.

Tumblr — Tumblr Pro

Tumblr pranked a lot of its young userbase after it added a button to allow users to upgrade to ‘Tumblr Pro’ on its microblogging service.

tumblr pro

Clicking to upgrade to the free service, users are shown a video designed to inspire creativity within… and are ultimately rewarded only with a hat for their avatar.

Airbnb — List Your Desk

The global marketplace for rentals expanded into coworking with a new service that allows you to list your desk as available to rent.


A longer explanation:

iFixit — Acquired by Apple

This iFixit press release about being acquired by Apple made us smile, but it also succeeded in fooling some tech press.


Flipboard — Flappy Board

Flipboard spared us the pain of reading through yet more forced humor, and offered five minutes of fun with Flappy Board, the social reader company’s “first foray into video games”.

There’s are a tonne of Flappy Bird clones out there, but this one is actually pretty tricky if you play from a desktop as I did.


Opera — Cats By Opera

Browser-maker Opera wants to make sure your cat has a better browser to suit its needs.

LinkedIn CYMK

Staying with the feline theme, LinkedIn has announced CYMK – Cats You May Know. “Cats You May Know was designed to give pawed professionals an opportunity to brand themselves, share their unique skills, and network with both humans and other relevant cats in their breed.” After all, you can only scale so far by targeting humans.

LinkedIn CYMK

Orbotix Selfiebot

A video that combines drones with selfies feels a bit too ‘trying hard to be on-trend’, but this video is at least nicely done, and we can almost imagine this actually being a real thing in a few years time. This is from Orbotix, the company behind Sphero.

This is an ongoing list that we’ll add to as we go. Feel free to get in touch if you come across something that isn’t on the list and is worthy of being spotlighted.

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