This crowdsourced RoboCop remake is utterly bonkers

This crowdsourced RoboCop remake is utterly bonkers


There are fans, and then there are fans.

Ahead of an official remake coming to a cinema near you soon, one group of RoboCop aficionados have created their very own incarnation of the classic 80s flick. Crowdsourced by fifty professional and amateur filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York, the original movie was split into sixty individual chunks and divvied among themselves.

While it’s not exactly a shot-for-shot remake, as they openly admit, it does roughly follow the original plot. You can read more about the project here, or watch it in full for yourself below. Using a combination of real actors, iffy animation and, erm, puppets, you’ll no doubt agree it’s a pretty bonkers and often hilarious take on the Paul Verhoeven classic.

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