If you hate press releases, check out Opera’s ‘PR Machine’

If you hate press releases, check out Opera’s ‘PR Machine’

Here at The Next Web, we often get asked what kinds of press releases are the best to send us – should they be long, detailed and formal, or brief and to-the-point? “Somewhere in the middle,” is the best answer we can give. No-one here likes dull, buzzword-laden essays, but you’ve got to have at least some detail in there.

The fine folk at Opera Software have decided to cater for all tastes with their latest announcement. A ‘PR Machine’ accompanying the press release marking the launch of the new version of the Coast browser comes complete with a ‘Choose your level of corporateness‘ slider. It lets you run the gamut from geeky changelog…

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.53.31

to full-on buzzword-and-cheesy-photo-ageddon when you click the ‘Full Corp’ button. My eyes! They bleed!

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.56.50

If you’re a journalist or work in PR, this will be a fun toy to play with and chuckle at for two minutes. If you’re a startup, it’s worth a look to see the wide variety of press release styles we receive each day. Pick something resembling what’s around the middle of the slider for your own releases and you should be fine (oh, and a really short, personal covering note is always a good idea, too).

Opera PR Machine

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