This iWatch design concept is sexy as hell

This iWatch design concept is sexy as hell

Apple still hasn’t announced made any sort of official iWatch smartwatch product announcement but that doesn’t stop the world salivating at the prospect, and knocking up design concepts to give Apple something to think about along the way.

This time around, Berlin-based engineer Thomas Bogner, is the person behind the designs – and if we do say so ourselves, they look pretty darn sweet. In fact, to quote our very own CEO Zee M Kane, you could say “that’s sexy as hell”.

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Bogner, who isn’t a product designer, described it as “basically like the bastard child of a Fuel Band and an iPhone” but we think it’s a bit nicer than that. As you can see, it uses vertical and horizontal motion to switch between apps and status updates in a smooth, fluid way.

Whether or not the iWatch, if it is eventually revealed, will look anything like this remains to be seen, but we’re hoping it does.

➤ iWatch mock-up [Thomas Bogner – Dribbble]

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