Banksy sells original artwork worth over $200,000 for just $420 [Video]

Banksy sells original artwork worth over $200,000 for just $420 [Video]

Here’s another reason to love Banksy and his penchant for shaking things up. The controversial artist from the UK quietly organized an unassuming street stall in Central Park, New York, this Saturday, from where a salesman sold original artwork worth tens of thousands of dollars for just $60 a piece.

The stunt, revealed on the elusive street artist’s blog, essentially means that buyers of these seeming imitations actually pocketed original Banksy works for a mere fraction of their value. The first buyer even negotiated a sweet 50 percent discount.

The Guardian estimates the total value of the work sold to be above $220,000 — yet the stall made just $420 in takings for the day. Unsurprisingly, Banksy says there’s no plan for a repeat sale now that word is out.

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