Whoops – Google botches Indian flag colors on Indian Independence Day

Whoops – Google botches Indian flag colors on Indian Independence Day

Google will often give its famous logo a makeover in honor of national holidays, and today was no exception. In honor of Indian Independence Day, visitors on Google India’s homepage were greeted with the company’s banner rendered in the colors of India’s national flag.

Except that Google didn’t quite get the colors right.

Initially, the Google logo appeared in green, white, and a color that many Indians considered to be yellow. But the colors of the Indian flag are green, white, and saffron – with white representing truth, peace, and purity, green representing prosperity, and saffron representing courage and sacrifice.

Indian social media erupted in frenzy, and Google quickly replaced the doodle with a newer, more accurate one.

Here’s the initial Google doodle, followed by the corrected version posted shortly after.







It’s a subtle difference, but a noticeable one – the “G” in the latter image is clearly darker than the “G” in the former image.

Can you tell the difference between the two doodles? Let us know in the comments!

Messed Up Doodle For Indian Independence Day Draws Flak [The Hindu Business Line]

Top Image Credit: PARK JI-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images

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