Ninjas, one goat and a less than subtle dig at Apple. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 ad in Iceland is weird

Ninjas, one goat and a less than subtle dig at Apple. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 ad in Iceland is weird ...

Samsung has released a new TV advert in Iceland berating Apple, but it’s unquestionably one of the strangest, downright baffling and metaphorical commercials we’ve ever seen.

Our hero begins on a desolate shoreline, tapping at a scrumptious looking apple with two hands (do you see what Samsung did there?) But something is terribly wrong. When he holds the apple to his ear, there is only silence. He prods and swipes, even gives the apple a shake, but nothing seems to work.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S4! It’s a real smartphone, not a silly piece of fruit. The main character suddenly looks far happier and oblivious to the army of apples that are now sitting next to him on the rugged dunes.

But wait, there’s more! Suddenly ninjas appear, our hero can perform backflips and everyone is dancing in the stony remains of some sort of dwelling or castle. Then they’re all dancing together, pulling charismatic poses like a professional dance troupe and hanging loose with a goat.

At its climax, the main character holds the Samsung Galaxy S4 to his ear and bites a chunk of the apple that has suddenly reappeared from a few scenes ago. Take that, inanimate piece of fruit.

Review the new advert, complete with odd discordant music, below in all of its glory:

Samsung isn’t the first company to take a dig at Apple. Somersby Cider produced a brilliant spoof of an Apple store earlier this year, while Microsoft released a less than subtle commercial for Windows Phone pitting Apple and Samsung fans against each other in an all-out Wedding brawl.

Will it ever end? Probably not. But it’s certainly funny to watch.

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