Watch EA’s epic 64-player Battlefield 4 ‘Siege of Shanghai’ demo

Watch EA’s epic 64-player Battlefield 4 ‘Siege of Shanghai’ demo

Today at the E3 event, Battlefield 4 was shown off in multiplayer mode. A 64 players live action game was shown, called the ‘Siege of Shanghai.’ The war, taken across the sprawling cityscape of a rendered Shanghai is frankly breahtaking.

Not since Quake 3 has a shooter so shown a new vision of what a video game of this genre can be. Besides action that employs dozens of gamers, Battlefield 4 has a new ‘Commander’ mode that allows a player on a tablet, controlling in-game missile strikes and the like. It’s a slick addition to the game, and is one that will add depth to its play.

First up, a short video explaining how Comamnder works:

And, to follow, about 6 minutes of in-game footage. Given that the game is coming out for PC, and current and coming Xbox and Playstation consoles, no matter your fancy, you’ll get a shot at its action.">

Top Image Credit: EA. Commander clip via Joqstiq

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