Listen to ‘Dance’, the latest single from Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s upcoming album

Listen to ‘Dance’, the latest single from Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s upcoming album

Kim Dotcom, the Internet entrepreneur behind file-sharing service Megaupload and its successor, simply titled MEGA, has released a new single from his upcoming album today.

Reports of a full-length studio record date back as far as January 2012, but details of the release have been pretty scarce since then.

Dotcom released the first song from the album in August last year, called ‘Party Amplifier’, on SoundCloud and YouTube. In the video description for the latter, Dotcom said he loved the band The Prodigy and that this had “inspired me to do this song.”

Dotcom tweeted his latest effort, titled ‘Dance’, earlier today. As the name suggests, the track is clearly aimed at the dance floor and includes a number of electronic loops, beats and vocal samples.

At the time of writing, the track has received almost 9,000 plays on SoundCloud and has been met with some pretty positive reviews in the comments section underneath.

Dotcom first expressed his musical prowess in December 2011 with the ‘Megaupload Song’, which to date has surpassed 14 million plays on YouTube. It was also notable for featuring cameo performances by Kanye West, Alicia Keys and

Musical endeavors aside, Dotcom is still involved in a legal dispute regarding his previous Internet company, Megaupload. The Internet entrepreneur published a white paper last month co-authored by two lawyers, Robert Amsterdam and Ira P. Rothken, criticizing the way the case was carried out by the United States government.

Image Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images

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