Social Roulette: Are you ready to risk your Facebook account for glory and fame? [Update: Blocked]

Social Roulette: Are you ready to risk your Facebook account for glory and fame? [Update: Blocked]

Update: Facebook has now blocked the app by denying it access to its API. This was confirmed by the app’s creator. While the app does not violate Facebook’s terms ad verbatim, there is debate as to whether allowing deactivation automatically is considered circumvention of Facebook’s limitations on its features. Facebook doesn’t want anyone interfering with deactivations apart from users themselves.

While there are no written terms against an app deactivating accounts, the last thing a business wants is to lose customers, especially in an automatic way. It would come as no surprise were Facebook to add a special clause in its terms in the near future.

Would you be willing to give up your entire Facebook identity; wall, friends, private messages, pictures, the whole caboodle? Or maybe you are not just willing, but desperate to do so? The Social Roulette app may be just what you need. Give it the chance and if luck falls your way, you will be Facebook-free in just a few clicks.

Everyone’s mentioned leaving Facebook at one point or another, and more and more people seem to actually be doing it. It’s not as drastic as quitting the whole internet, won’t affect your work the same way quitting email may do, and it’s a great way of “cleansing yourself” from all those hours spent stalking your ex – admit it, we all do it.

But leaving Zuckerberg’s world can be somewhat of a challenge. Once you start thinking about it, do you really want to close down your account just yet? What about those friends you never speak to but could potentially send a private message to? Will you ever be able to contact them again if you didn’t have access to Facebook? And all those terribly unflattering, drunken pictures? Surely you don’t want to leave them behind. But downloading them all is going to take so much space on your hard-drive, and frankly you could do without the hassle.

What you need to really quit is for someone to give you a little nudge. And maybe that someone is Social Roulette. Modelled after the principal of Russian Roulette, a risky game we definitely would not suggest you try for yourself, Social Roulette has one chance in six of deleting your Facebook account. Forever.

If it doesn’t delete it, and you survive, then it’ll just post one of those annoying automatic statuses flaunting your luck – but is it really luck to survive? – to the rest of your friends.

You can play Social Roulette once a day with your own account and then, well, either go on Facebook and laugh about it with your friend, or take to Twitter in either anger or total relief. You can even purchase a t-shirt, if that’s your thing.

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