Freakstarter: Kickstarter’s weirdest campaigns in one place

Freakstarter: Kickstarter’s weirdest campaigns in one place

Kickstarter is a great place for getting all sorts of weird and wonderful projects off the ground, and Freakstarter is a new blog that focuses very much on the ‘weird’ part of that equation.

Accurately describing itself as “a selection of freaky Kickstarter projects,” the site collects together some of the oddest ideas crying out for your financial backing.

Take for example the “giant brain suspended above the ground, interactive on the inside, (that) will go up in flames at Burning Man,” or Speakeasys, “an innovative combination of fashion and function” that is essentially underwear with a zip-up pocket. Who could say no to underwear with on-board storage? For some reason, the blog doesn’t directly link to each project, but they’re all genuine.


As Duncan Geere, who drew our attention to Freakstarter, notes, this is essentially Regretsy for Kickstarter. Regretsy was a hit blog that highlighted some of the craziest products available on Etsy.

Sadly, Regretsy hasn’t been updated since January this year but if Freakstarter keeps going, it’s well-placed to become a worthy alternative for those who need their daily dose of WTF – and for those who really want to invest the bizarre products of other people’s imaginations.

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