This live map of buses in San Francisco will mesmerize you

This live map of buses in San Francisco will mesmerize you

It’s almost the cocktail hour, which means you deserve a mental stretch to relax your cranium and prep for dinner. TNW has just the thing.

If you have ever tried to use public transportation here in San Francisco, you are familiar with its quirks. Its mysterious, myriad quirks. Knowing where your bus is at the moment isn’t just useful, but could save you a long wait in a less than savory part of town.

Enter SFLiveBus, a simply brilliant website that tracks the SF Muni system around the city. It’s mesmerizing.

A few caveats: location data appears to be sourced from stops, and not real time movement, so buses will occasionally scoot along a bit more quickly on the map than in real life. That and if you leave the map untabbed, but live, and return to it, the buses will spazz. Be careful.



➤ SFLiveBus [Web] [iOS app]

Top Image Credit: miggslives

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