Don’t like classical music? You are wrong, and let these videos explain why

Don’t like classical music? You are wrong, and let these videos explain why

While I can rub along with pretty much anyone, there is a stigma among folks my age that classical music is stuffy, sad, old-timey or generally unlistenalbe. Wrong!

Classical tunes underpin the music you love. If you want to understand the basis for the opening of Metallica’s Master of Puppets, you must be versed in Beethoven’s 5th symphony, for example.

Happily, the Internet has afforded us a treat. If you haven’t conducted a large musical group while flipping pages on a score, you should. However, fear not, there is a decent replacement for that experience.

The following few clips are based on midi-bar notation, that track different instruments, or groups of instruments. It helps you track what is going on beneath the skin of songs that you know that you are supposed to love, but aren’t sure why. You will now know.

Watch. Listen. Imbibe. Enjoy. And then share the clips with your friends. Everyone deserves to know more about music and why it matters.

Beethoven’s 5th is the single best piece of music written in human history. Listen for the roots of heavy metal throughout this masterpiece. Then, watch this and enjoy the parallas.

Vivaldi! Hot damn the Four Seasons is perfect. Listen to ‘Winter’ here, and then watch this interpretation of ‘Summer.’

Finally, this version of Pachelbel’s Canon has both a score, and musical bars – our video musical treat – to help you scale along with the notes. Jokes can be found here.

Top Image Credit: Steven Depolo

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