Remember Bomberman? Try playing it in the browser against up to 1,000 other people

Remember Bomberman? Try playing it in the browser against up to 1,000 other people

Do you remember playing Bomberman on the MSX, ZX Spectrum or NES? Yeah, so do we. Frantically running around a grid-like maze with oversized bombs in hand, laying them down with expert precision in a bid to ensnare some of your opponents.

Bomberman was always better against other people though. Now, a massively multiple online (MMO) version – albeit an unofficial one – has been released, allowing you to play right in the browser against up to 1,000 other people.

Bombermine is everything you know and love about the original, but hyped up on a much grander scale. The levels are bigger and the ability to instantly respawn, similar to modern first person shooters (FPS) and MMORPGs, means that the action is relentless.


The core gameplay hasn’t really evolved though. It still uses 2D sprites and the basic movement and bomb deployment hasn’t changed from the original. It’s still bags of fun though, and the ability to pick up modifiers and power-ups ensures that your own strategies – and those of your opponents – never get stale.

There’s also chat functionality, which is perfect if you like to taunt or congratulate your fellow competitors.

Bomberman came out thirty years ago, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate its lasting legacy. The strategic, maze-based action game still holds up to this day and for that reason alone, we can’t recommended this enough.


Image Credit: 33mhz

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