Vine Flip: Transform your Vine videos into a pocket-sized flipbook

Vine Flip: Transform your Vine videos into a pocket-sized flipbook

If you needed another reason to use Vine — the new iOS app from Twitter that helps users record and share six second looping videos — then Vine Flip just might be the answer.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Robin and Brad Yeager, Vine Flip allows anyone who uses the video sharing app to convert their uploaded shorts into a pocket-sized flipbook.

The pair says each book is about the size of a standard business card, and will vary in quality depending on the Vine (it’s worth remembering that each Vine is only 480×480 in resolution).

To start, users register on the Vine Flip website and hit ‘start an order’ from the top of the screen. Type in the URL of the Vine itself, pick from one of three covers and specify the number of copies you would like delivered – and you’re all done.

“We were goofing around our office shooting our friends being foolish and thought, how funny if we could make this into a flipbook and secretly pass them around the office,” Brad Yeager, Co-Founder of Vine Flip said. “And then the ideas of other ways we’d like to flip our Vines came flowing out – from marriage proposals to parties. We knew we had to roll this out if nothing else to entertain ourselves.”

Flipbooks are nothing new, but applying it to one of the most popular mobile apps of the moment is probably a recipe for success.

Robin and Brad Yeager say they were persuaded to launch the website after meeting with Chris Guillebeau, author of $100 Start Up, who challenged them to take the idea to market in only three weeks.

Needless to say they succeeded, and you can start purchasing flipbooks now from $14 (for a pair). The company’s website says it’ll take between five and ten business days to have them delivered.

So if you fancy converting some of your digital content into a fun, analog medium – or know someone who will appreciate it as a gift – this might be just the ticket.

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